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Nano technology


New Mexico Small Tech assets are world-class. Our experts protect the nation, our entrepreneurs build award-winning companies, and our workforce creates the future. Small Tech renews the manufacturing prowess and economic promise of America day after day. (Photo: Courtesy of Lotus Leaf Coatings)

Nano Technology


Creativity, Connections, Collaborations form the basis of success in the modern economy. Small Tech Commercialization requires a team attitude, great manufacturing partners, and converging focii. New Mexico and our neighboring states are a regional Small Tech powerhouse in the nation. (Photo: Courtesy of MemPro Ceramics)

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Nano Technology


New Mexico is spinning out success based on strengths: Energy, Defense, Cyberspace, Aerospace, Bio-Nano, Micro-Nano, Green-Clean, Health, Pharma, Food, Extractives, and Safe Environments. New Mexico assets provide regional tech transfer, expertise, workforce, and 21st century business opportunities. (Photo: Courtesy of nanoTox Nano Art Competition)

Nano Technology


It hasn't been easy to build the right conditions to ride the Small Technology wave. It took time to get all the metrics aligned. Global Market Reach; Local Manufacturing; Skills and Schools; Expertise and Facilities, Investment, Entrepreneurship and Gumption; it's all here. Now that it’s all coming together…... (Photo: Courtesy of Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies)

Nano Technology
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Keep Up With Regional Small Tech Events:

Micro Nano Manufacturing Day – October 3rd, 2014

8:00am – 3:30pm – UNM’s MTTC

800 Bradbury Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM

Register here:

Hosted by:

  • Nano Network of New Mexico
  • The UNM-NSF Southwest Center for Microsystems Education
  • The UNM Manufacturing Engineering Program

In partnership with:

The New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the National Manufacturing Day.  For a complete listing of all of the New Mexico MEP Manufacturing Day talks and tours, please view here.

The Micro Nano Manufacturing Day will begin with presentations by the founders and directors of:

Morning presentations at the UNM MTTC Auditorium are open to the public, faculty, students, and the business community.
After the public presentations, science, engineering, technical, medical and business students attending the University of New Mexico or Central New Mexico Community College only, will be given private tours of the manufacturing facilities at each of the three companies.  Because of space limitations at these sites, students must pre-register to attend the facility tours.  Bus transportation will depart from the UNM MTTC building.  Private cars are not allowed on the tour due to parking and timing considerations.


Great Technology Needs the Right Conditions to Successfully Transfer to the Market through Small Companies.

When small company entrepreneurship risk can be reduced, more investment will move toward them creating more jobs.

New Mexico could have many more Small Tech companies if the Tax Code for Research were changed.

New Mexico could have many more Small Tech companies if a Tech Maturization facility had the equipment and technical resources and private partnerships to advance these technologies toward distinct products.